Higold won two 2021 iF Design Awards and 2021 Red Dot Design Award


Higold won two 2021 iF Design Awards and 2021 Red Dot Design Award


Recently, the German iF Design Award 2021 winner list was announced. With its original Design, Higold won two IF Design Awards, which not only let the world witness China's intelligent manufacturing, but also highlight China's design and innovation strength.

Founded in Germany in 1953, iF Design Award is world-famous for the concept of "independence, rigor and reliability". It aims to enhance the public's cognition of design. Known as "the Oscar of product design", it can only be awarded to products that lead the world in design.

The winning kitchen basket of Shearer series is inspired by the design concept of making full use of space and turning single layer into multi-layer storage, which comprehensively improves the utilization rate of space.

The Shearer series also won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award in March, which is known as "the Oscars of the design industry". Red Dot Design Award and Germany's IF Award are both among the world's three largest design awards. Higold is the brand that has won the most original design awards in the industry, which fully reflects the strong original effort and product strength.

Higold Shearer Series pull out basket, through the multi-layer storage structure and flexible adjustment of the divider, the storage capacity of the product has been greatly improved, bringing more rich and diverse use experience, fully demonstrates the high unremitting exploration of creative living.

Higold Group adheres to the corporate mission of "striving to improve the quality of human life" and makes unremitting efforts to innovate and make breakthrough. In addition to the award-winning kitchen functional hardware Shearer 4.0 Bulgari series, Shearer 3.0 Gucci series and Shearer 2.0 series are also original works with a strong sense of design and received a warm response from the market.

Technology can be cold, but products must have temperature. Only by combining technology and humanity can we create exciting products.

Other award-winning products include the Higold Piniz pull faucet, The faucet was designed by Italian Ferrari design team Pininfarina in collaboration with Higold. With simple and soft lines, perfect integration of science and technology and design, convey the exquisite beauty of the product.

Piniz pull out faucet, with its soft outline, elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, slim handle, let the faucet cast off monotonous, create a unique kitchen space and highlight the clear creative design.

Higold draws design inspiration from the natural environment, starting from the needs of people's self-expression, constantly progresses and innovates from a new perspective, and strives to make high-quality products more perfect integration with modern life.

"Good design gives the product soul". In the competition for this international top design award, Higold Group won the double award of the IF Design Award in 2021. This prestigious award recognition represents that the innovative product design and quality of the Higold Group has been recognized internationally.

"Industrial design is the catalyst for the world to fall in love with Made in China". Up to now, Higold has successively won 3 IF Design Awards and 4 Red Dot Design Awards and other world-class industrial design awards, ranking in the forefront of the industry, further consolidating the leading position of the company in the industry and even in the world.

Higold understands that innovation and development is a sustained competitiveness of brand very well. In the future, Higold will adhere to the path of original design, continue to research and develop more high-quality products, strengthen the innovation gene, forge product strength, create more high quality products, make every families enjoy the life happiness from the excellent storage and set an example for Chinese design to shine in the world stage!