HOGOLD Culture


Operation Principle

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  • HIGOLD’s Mission: Strive for better quality of people‘s life

    Through continuous innovation of products and services, we promote social development and improve the quality of people‘s life.
    Enjoy the happiness and joy of high quality life.
    Therefore, each of us from HIGOLD, must keep our mission in mind, we pursue perfection and details,
    Because all of these, is affecting quality and happiness of people's life.

  • HIGOLD’s Vision: To be one of the most influential groups in China

    Create values for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders,
    Create benefits for the society, and become one of the most respected and influential groups.

    HIGOLD group hopes to drive the embodiment of social value through the realization of enterprise value.
    Using the sustainable profitability of enterprises to support the disadvantaged groups in the society and the backward areas in need of development,
    So as to help the social vulnerable groups to get rid of poverty, but towards prosperity.

    HIGOLD group hopes to create hundreds of millionaires and ten multimillionaires in the next 10 years by providing a stage for talents to display their talents and opportunities for continuous learning and improvement, so as to realize the ideal of life and achieve the satisfaction of brilliant career and social status for people from all over the world.

  • Enterprise slogan: Higold, Higold, Higher Innovation

    Unlimited Passion , never satisfied, constantly pursue new heights, new surmounting.

  • Brand positioning: Industry Innovation leader

    Through continuous and innovative approach to create a number of areas of leadership, consolidating the position as industry leaders.

  • Operating principles: "the first enterprise or nothing in the industry"

    Every time we enter a new industry, in the first 3-5 years, we must be confident and determined to become the industry leader, or never .

  • Group spirit: create the innovation,face the challenge, adhere to perseverance.

    Innovation: constantly learning, constantly surmounting, always creating new heights;
    Challenges: unwilling to be ordinary, not afraid of hardship, encounter and be stronger;
    Persistence: focus on goals, persevere, and never give up.

Cultural Connotation

  • Concept of achievements

    Sharing achievements, promoting the speed of employees‘ advancement and the enterprise's development synchronously.

  • Strong viewpoints of policy-making

    Choice is even more important than effort. It is better to take one step slowly than to take half a step wrongly.

  • Higold Competence Criterion

    Using performance appraisal, which is comparing what has been achieved with what was originally planned,

    Performance score is to calculate objectively, not subjective, award people according to their contributions.

  • Strong viewpoints of talents

    We would rather lose 10 million dollars of business than lose one talent of value.

    We would rather have a Wolf who contributes to the enterprise with full of ambition.

    Nor do we want a "sheep" without any intention to contribute nothing to the enterprise, we are willing to "dance with the Wolf".

  • Aggressive leading strategy

    It depends on building a leading organizational system in seven areas of the enterprise:Leading market brand, leading technological innovation, leading product quality,

    Leading in staffing, customer service, profit growth and IT management.

  • Strong core competitiveness

    It depends on the core ability to build a leading enterprise organizational system, and integrate government resources, so as the enterprise supply chain,

    In the integration of those sales agents, customers, social benefits, are all beneficial for forming the "enterprise value chain"  with comprehensive leading system.

  • Aggressive development strategy

    Only by centralizing resources and making breakthroughs to become the first ranking brand in the industry, while relevant diversified development can be realized.

    The new project must be ranked at the top two in the industry within 3 years and become the first one in the industry within 5 years, otherwise it will never happen.

  • Strong viewpoints of executive power

    There is no reason to emphasize the execution. Although it’s the reality,  it usually turns into the biggest obstacles to one’s success.

  • Aggressive development concept

    Only by upgrading the design can increase the market share of the product, which showing the significance of development.

  • Strong viewpoints of High quality

    Creations without mistakes ; Proceed the why-why analysis on the defects.

    Tracking the origins,find out the countermeasures, solve defects from the origins.

  • Aggressive market viewpoint

    There is no off-season market, only off-season ideas, the market is created by ourselves.

    When the he deadest market comes, it is the best opportunity to expand and grab market share.

  • Source of motivation, performing with passion.

    Passion is with vision; Passion is making progress; Passion is having courage; Passion is encountering power;

    Passion is the fighting spirit; Passion is forming a team; Passion is communication; Passion, is surmounting.

    Passion is keeping endless youth and vitality.

  • Aggressive management: passionate management

    Be Bold in creating innovation, dare to think,  dare to do, stay persevere.

    Import successful management experience and perfect enterprise management system from oversea, effecting the reform till the end.

  • High-spirited way out: passionate innovation

    To exceed the ordinary life, make endless development. Differentiation, is the secret of winning product market hare.

    Only by creating the innovation, in order to take a stable position in the changing market;

    Only by making changes can we constantly surmount ourselves and competitors, and creating the innovative markets and technologies are the tracks leading to success.

  • Aggressive production: passionate production

    Full of passion and attention to detail. Do every with details, regardless of the success or failure are fully invested;Always keep high morale, start from the most trivial things, to the higher standard of themselves.

    During actions, the emphasis on lean production, each link, must be integrated into flows,

    Do things into two compartments, solve problems separately, to achieve rapid and effective die change procedures, also adapt to the market environment with more varieties less batches.

  • Aggressive service: Passionate service

    Customer first, being enthusiastic and courteous, patient and responsible, punctual and achieving service standards.

    Pursuit service-oriented satisfaction, take things into personal account, work seriously.

  • The Three "hearts"

    The executive team, should be enterprising: easy-going, pragmatic, pioneering and trusting of subordinates.

    The management team, should be self-motivated: brainy, aggressive, dynamic and innovative;

    The grass-roots employees, should have a sense of responsibility: optimistic, confident, studious, enterprising.

  • Strong collective concept: work as a team

    There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team,We achieve team goals and individual values in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tacit understanding.We constitute every link of the enterprise service chain, and any delay and mistake of work will endanger the service quality of the first line.

  • A powerful way to collaborate: Communication

    We emphasize communication ability, communication starts from the "heart", effective management must have good communication.We must learn to listen.

  • HIGOLD’s concept on personnel growth : learning

    We must keep learning. The rapid development of the company does not allow us to stop.

    We should make full use of high-tech approach to support our work, create new ideas and improve efficiently.

    We must have excellent presentation skills, be able to speak and write, specialize in many fields, and be able to fight alone.

  • High capital: people oriented

    People's intelligence and innovation are the first capital and the first resource of an enterprise, completely breaking the "popularity, kinship, geography", be bold in employment.

  • HIGOLD’s personality: honest, pragmatic, responsible

    Keep one's word, one must fulfill his promise; Seek truth from facts and dare to deny ourselves; Dare to do, must be responsible till the end.

  • HIGOLD’s style: dare to think, dare to do, stay persevere.

    Get used to do things right away, pay attentions to details, set high standards for ourselves, and stay persevere until you reach your goals.

  • HIGOLD’s standard: prefer Numbers to opinion

    Ambiguous reports, explanations and research are ineffective work, better emphasizing process control system and results-oriented work.

  • HIGOLD’s products: only serve the quality goods

    Pay attention to details, keep improving, make competitive products for customers.

  • HIGOLD‘s interpersonal viewpoints: honest, cooperation, unbounded and communication, seeking common ground while reserving differences

    There is no boundary for communication between superior and subordinate departments, neither lateral or different departments.

    Respect employee’s individual advantages and disadvantages, so as to make full use of their strengths while avoiding their weaknesses, centralizing their strengths, and seek common grounds while reserving differences.

  • HIGOLD’s enemy: ourselves

    To win, you must win yourself in advance. Only by reforming and creating innovation can we surmount ourselves and our rivals.

  • Aggressive professionalism: our dedication to work

    Ensure the collective interests as the priority, focus on our business, talents who goes through the thick and thin with the enterprise are the mainstay of ours.